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Professional Development Institutes are intense 4-hour workshops that are designed to provide participants with in-depth information. Participants registered for a PDI will receive 4 contact hours for their participation. Refreshment breaks will be provided. Participants must register for these sessions (additional fees apply). Space is limited - register early!

Complete session offerings listed below:


June 20, 2018: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm

PDI #1 Foundations of Career Construction

Career construction counseling helps people across life's diverse spectrum use work to actively master what they passively suffer. Integrating theory and practice, this session engages participants to both learn and practice career construction counseling and its core method of the career construction interview to increase their knowledge and skills in its use. Designed for a general audience.

Suzanne Savickas, Kent State University, Avenues of Counseling & Mediation, LLC; Mark L. Savickas, Northeast Ohio Medical University; Steven Antalvari, Kent State University; Marty Apodaca, University of New Mexico; Susan Barclay, University of Central Arkansas; Jamie Brant, Meridian HealthCare; William Briddick, South Dakota State University; Evan Faidley, Kent State University; Brian Taber, Oakland University


PDI #2 Become a Positive Psychology Ambassador

Engage in a robust training experience to embrace and promote positive psychology (PPsy). Through immersion in scientifically validated material and techniques, you can adopt a mindset of positivity. You will delve into resources and techniques allowing you to confidently combat negativity - to embody and advance applied positive psychology within your community (family, friends, peers, colleagues, patients, students, clients). Create a joyous ripple effect as you focus your energy and efforts to bring positive psychology to LIFE and THRIVE as a Positive Psychology Ambassador.

John Long, Two Roads Resources, Inc.; Marshall Tucker, Two Roads Resources, Inc.


PDI #3 A Systemic Teacher Centered Approach to Career Development

In our constantly changing work world, it is essential for students K-12 to know how their attitudes and aptitudes prepare them for lifetime success. During this session our team will show and involve you in the ways that this successful program has been integrated in the K-8 Cajon Valley curriculum.

Amy McCammon, Eddywhere Cooperative, Inc.; Ed Hidalgo, Cajon Valley Union School District



PDI #4 Theory, Research, and Practice: Chaos Theory of Careers Interactive Training

Chaos Theory of Careers addresses the non-linearity and uncertainty of career, freeing clients from outdated modes when making career decisions in the 21st century. In this PDI, we will delve in-depth on the theory and practice building skills around interventions using a new framework for university and private practice settings.

Jon Schlesinger, Brandeis University, Hiatt Career Center; Lauren Pasquarella Daley, Catalyst, Inc.


June 20, 1:30 – 5:30 pm


PDI #5 The Life Design Group: Career Development through Career Construction Counseling

Typically, career specialists conduct the career construction interview (CCI) with individual clients. In this PDI, attendees will participate in The Life Design Group to learn use of the CCI in group settings. Attendees will practice a ThemeMapping process developed and used by the presenter in her own work and research.

Susan R Barclay, University of Central Arkansas


PDI #6 Narrative Assessment Theory and Practice: Skill-Building Toolkits for Real World Applications

How can we listen to clients' stories in ways that increase their hope, efficacy, resilience and optimism? When clients' thinking is disorganized storytelling and storylistening can help them gain clarity and feel more confident. Join this session to learn an evidence-based narrative method you can begin using right away.

Mark Franklin, CareerCycles & OneLifeTools & University of Toronto; Rich Feller, Colorado State University


PDI #7 Effectively Guiding Students towards Obtaining and Managing Their Ideal Federal Careers

Join seasoned Federal recruitment experts from the U. S. Office of Personnel Management in this deep-dive into Federal careers and the Federal hiring process. Through a combination of information dissemination and facilitated discussion (including Q&A), you will learn about helpful resources available to serve your clients and ensure they are well prepared to meet the Career Management competency of the Career Readiness Competencies and enhance their prospects for rewarding public service careers in the Federal Government. Participants will also have an opportunity to provide input on the efficacy of the Federal hiring process for students and recent graduates.

Tom Formby, U.S. Office of Personnel Management; Karlos Del Toro, U.S. Office of Personnel Management


PDI #8 Group Career Counseling: Principles and Practices

Group Career Counseling (GCC)is a unique counseling intervention which uses the best of group counseling and group guidance. Participants will gain an understanding of the theory and research behind GCC and an experiential understanding by seeing a GCC session in action. A 'fish bowl' approach will be used in which the facilitator will demonstrate skills and techniques critical to GCC.

Richard Pyle, Private practice; Seth Hayden, Wake Forest University




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