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New for 2017 -- PDIs will be offered both before AND after the conference! This allows for greater flexibility in your travel plans.

Professional Development Institutes are intense 4-hour workshops that are designed to provide participants with in-depth information. Participants registered for a PDI will receive 4 contact hours for their participation. Refreshment breaks will be provided. Participants must register for these sessions (additional fees apply). Space is limited - register early!

Complete session offerings listed below:


June 27, 2017: 1:00 – 5:00 pm


PDI #1 Into the Weeds! A Train-the-Trainer Session on Federal Hiring for Career Counselors

You will have a plain-language, train-the-trainer experience that will enable you to advise job seekers on Federal employment. A Federal policy expert from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) will provide up-to-date information on Federal hiring rules, job search, resume writing, and student and recent graduate programs.
Tom Formby, U.S. Office of Personnel Management


PDI #2 Using StrengthsFinder 2.0 to Increase Client’s Well-being and Engagement

Strengths is a powerful tool to use with clients in their career development process. Learn more about the StrengthsFinder 2.0, engagement, and well-being, practice a strengths-based coaching session, and walk away with resources and tools you can immediately use. All participants will need to complete StrengthsFinder 2.0 before attending this session.
Cori Shaff, University of Colorado, Boulder


PDI #3 Building Career Construction Counseling Competency

Career construction counseling helps people across life’s diverse spectrum use work to actively master what they passively suffer. Integrating theory and practice, this session engages participants in learning and practicing career construction counseling and its core method of the career construction interview to increase their knowledge and skills in its use. Designed for a general audience.
Kevin Glavin, University of Colorado - Denver; Mark Savickas, Northeast Ohio Medical University; Suzanne Savickas, John Carroll University; Brian Taber, Oakland University; Susan Barclay, University of Central Arkansas


PDI #4 Bringing Joy into Your Private Practice Through Automation

When private practitioners spend more time with business administration that with our clients, we lose our sense of joy. With this hands-on technology session, you’ll walk away with an automated, integrated, low-cost scheduling, emailing, CRM, and mailing list building system to grow your business while you do what you love.
Ronda Ansted, Be the Change Career Consulting



June 30, 1:30 – 5:30 pm


PDI #6 The Life Design Group: Career Development through Career Construction Counseling

Typically, career specialists conduct the career construction interview (CCI) with individual clients. In this PDI, attendees will participate in The Life Design Group to learn use of the CCI in group settings. Attendees will practice a ThemeMapping process developed and used by the presenter in her own work and research.
Susan R Barclay, University of Central Arkansas


PDI #7 Group Career Counseling: Principles and Practices

Participants will gain an understanding of a unique counseling methodology which effectively integrates group counseling with career development. Using an experiential approach, within a “fish bowl” format, principles and skills will be illustrated via an actual group career counseling (GCC) session. Relevant handouts including a detailed outline of a GCC program will be provided.
Richard Pyle, Private practice; Seth Hayden, Wake Forest University


PDI #8 Espirit de Retirement: An Integrative Model for the Design of Career Interventions for 21st Century Retirement

Contemporary retirement-services confront a new challenge: requests for assistance with nonfinancial or psychosocial factors affecting quality-of-life in retirement. An in-depth individual case study and a group counseling intervention illustrate how core competencies in adult human- and career-development, assessment techniques, and counseling strategies qualify career practitioners uniquely to fulfill this emerging marketplace opportunity.
Michael E. Hall, Solo Practitioner; Judith M. Ettinger, University of Wisconsin-Madison


PDI #9 Brain-Based Career Development (BBCD): The Neuroscience Coaching Approach that Helps Clients Take Action

For most individuals, the career development process is inherently overwhelming by the shear amount of information and future based thinking that goes along with making life altering decisions. This PDI will showcase the Brain-Based Career Development (BBCD) model, which is based on cutting edge neuroscience research.
Imants Jaunarajs, Ohio University


PDI #10 Getting off the Ground: Developing a Viable Career Business

Individuals often dream about having their own business. Based off the largely attended roundtable in 2016, the presenters have expanded this program into a more intense workshop allowing participants the time to develop their own business plans around the tools shared. Join us to get your career business off the ground!
Mary Ila Ward, Horizon Point Consulting, Inc.; Constance Pritchard, The Pritchard Group


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