Conference App is Live

Download the app now!


Where can I get the NCDA App?

To download, go to the Google Play Store or the iOS store, then locate the App by searching for NCDA.


Where can I get help using the NCDA App?

Visit Registration in the Regency Ballroom Foyer.


Do I need to set up a Profile to use the App?

No. However to take advantage of all the features, we recommend that you do. For example, to use the Networking or My Contacts feature, you should set up a Profile and turn your Privacy setting Off, so you can be listed as an Attendee and others can connect with you at the conference.


Will the App be compatible on my device?

The App is available on Android or iPhone/iPad mobile devices. Or you can access the App from your desktop – go to https://event.crowdcompass.com/ncda2018


How is using the App more efficient than using the Program Book?

While the Program Book is complete for all the needs of all attendees, the App organizes the information to fit your immediate needs. For example, let's say it is 2:15 pm on Thursday afternoon and you cannot find the room for the session you want to attend. You open the App, select Schedule by Day, Thursday, then scroll to 2:15, click on the session, then click the Location symbol (a teardrop shape), and the map you need appears with the location. If you previously added the session to your schedule, all you need to do is go to My Schedule, find the date/time and click on the Session then click on the Location symbol. Want another example how helpful the App is? When you go out to lunch and forget your Program Book, use the App to view the after-lunch options and timing of when you need to return.


Do I need to “Check-in” when attending a session?

Participants are encouraged to “Check-in” when attending a session (just click the box beneath the title, when viewing the session description). This allows you to remember your attendance at a session – which is helpful when seeking CEU's after the conference. NCDA does not use the “Check-in” feature to calculate attendance.


Can I give conference/presenter feedback via the App?

Yes, you can rate the session, but you cannot give specific feedback. During the session, mark the number of Stars as an indicator of presenter/session rating. There is no conference evaluation to be completed on the App because this will be emailed to you immediately after the conference.


What are Notifications?

These are timely messages sent by the conference planners. They may involve changes in the agenda (e.g., a session room was moved), an event is about to occur (e.g., the Welcome Reception starts in 30 minutes), etc.


How can I see a list of Presentations for my work setting, e.g., Business & Industry?

Click on Schedule then click the Filter (upper right corner), then click on Tracks. Select the work setting or type of session you are looking for (all are color-coded). Then click Apply to see the your sessions.


Why can't I find some of the Features on my App?

Perhaps you are not scrolling all the way down on the Event Directory. Or maybe you did not set up a Profile. When you are on the App, return to the Event Directory and look at your Account Settings and/or Profile Settings (by clicking on your name). Or you could visit the NCDA Showcase to ask for help!


If the App is not working properly, what should I do?

It may be helpful to delete the App and re-install it.


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