NCDA Elections Open at Conference in Houston

Each year, several NCDA board positions are up for election. (An explanation of NCDA’s election process and a listing of the various board positions may be found in NCDA’s Bylaws.) The nominations and elections committee is pleased to announce the following slate of candidates to be voted on by NCDA’s membership:



Ron Cathey

Sharon Givens

Carolyn Jones


ACA Governing Council Rep

Lisa Severy

Trustee for Private Practice, Business/Industry & Agencies

Courtney Warnsman


Charles Lehman

Trustee At Large

Marty Apodaca

Julia Makela

Lakeisha Mathews

Click here to read the 2019 Candidate Bios.


There are two steps in the upcoming election, and we invite your participation in each of them.


The first step takes place during the annual membership meeting at the NCDA conference (Friday, June 28 at 7:30 a.m.). At that meeting, members in attendance will be asked to vote to narrow the slate of candidates to no more than two for each of the board positions.


While the candidates listed above have submitted applications which have been vetted by the nominations and elections committee, NCDA’s Bylaws also allow nominations of additional candidates during the membership meeting -- though any members who wish to place their names into nomination during the meeting must submit applications to be vetted by the nominations and elections committee prior to the conference. Any NCDA members who wish to place their names into nomination should review the elections information online, click on the application form that’s linked to the information page and make plans to submit the required documentation to Paul Timmins, nominations and elections committee chair, ideally by June 1 - but no later than the start of the conference.


Then, after the attendees at the business meeting have narrowed each slate to no more than two candidates for each position, those names will be forwarded to the entire NCDA membership for voting to be conducted through August 15. Winners of the elections will be announced shortly thereafter.


Thanks for your participation in the election process.We encourage you to read the Candidate Bios and the Annual Membership Meeting Report prior to the start of the conference in Houston.


Please direct any questions to Paul Timmins, nominations and elections committee chair, by email at timmi004@umn.edu

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