You Need The Oxygen First!

By Sharon McCormick

Do you remember hearing the instructions airline staff tells passengers in case of an airplane emergency landing?  Take oxygen first before administering it to one's children.  I assumed the children would need oxygen first.  After I thought about those instructions, I realized how much sense they make.  The same principles apply when one has been through a lay off from work.  I want my clients to protect themselves, and to think of themselves first.  Towards that end, here are some very practical steps from a career counselor to help you manage this transition, instead of reacting to it. 








These are just some examples of practical steps you can give to your clients during these difficult times.

 Sharon McCormick is a Master Career Counselor through NCDA with a passion for promoting people's potential!  In private practice as a Career Counselor for 15+ years, she bridges the gap between candidates and companies by expertly quantifying a job candidate's value and speaking to real HR / Hiring Manager needs.  She is a Career Author, Consultant, Speaker, Trainer and Volunteer who develops and teaches career and workplace classes locally at Duke University, The University of Chapel Hill and Meredith College.  She  is a contributing career and workplace Internet author and her resumes have been published in national resume books.  She can be reached at careertreasure@gmail.com and her website is: www.careertreasure.com.

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