8 PDIs offered on June 25th

Professional Development Institutes are 4-hour in-depth workshops that are an optional add-on to your regular conference registration.  Subject to additional fees, each offers 4 CE hours. Choose one in the morning and/or one in the afternoon. See description below and register early - space is limited!

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

7:45 am - 12:00 pm

(AM) PDI #1 Career Construction Counseling for Well-Being and Success
Career construction counseling provides a means for people across life's diverse spectrum to use work to actively master what they passively suffer. Integrating theory and practice, this session engages participants in learning and practicing career construction counseling and its core method of the career construction interview to increase their knowledge and skills in its use. Designed for a general audience.
Paul Hartung, Northeast Ohio Medical University; Mark Savickas, Northeast Ohio Medical University; Hande Briddick, South Dakota State University; Chris Briddick, South Dakota State University; Jackie Peila-Shuster, Colorado State University; Sara Santilli, University of Padova; Kevin Glavin, Create Your Why

(AM) PDI #2 Creative Approaches to Supporting Mental Health and Career Decision-Making During Times of Transition
During career transitions both career decision-making and mental health challenges may surface.  Therefore, practitioners must be prepared to identify and competently address both. Institute attendees will participate in hands-on creative approaches and role plays to develop assessment, practice, and referral skills informed by career development and art therapy theories.
Barbara Parker-Bell, Florida State University; Debra Osborn, Florida State University

(AM) PDI #3 Strengthening Mental Health Through Effective Career Development: A Workshop for Career Development Practitioners
Join us to learn how practitioners can support and strengthen client mental health. Current research is explored along with models, strategies, and skills supporting client mental health. Practitioners will leave knowing their work supports mental health and with the knowledge and skill to make this support more intentional and effective.
Dave Redekopp, Life-Role Development Group Ltd.; Michael Huston, Mount Royal University

(AM) PDI #4 Connecting Our Ways of Working with the Social Determinants of Mental Health
We will explore the social determinants of mental health as they intersect with the work of Career Development. We will explore the continuum of crisis to prevention and our role along that continuum. Through intake and referrals activities learn how to contribute to the mental health of clients.
Seanna Quresette, Douglas College; Catherine Hajnal, Life Fundamentals


Professional Development Institutes
Tuesday, June 25, 2024

1:15 - 5:30 pm

(PM) PDI #5 The Interconnection of Career Theories and Mental Health: 2023 Counselor Educator Academy
This session, provided by the 2023 CEA, focuses on exploring the interconnection between specific career theories and mental health. Presenters will explore how each theory has been integrated into mental health and wellness practices. Attendees will be guided through the implementation of career theory concepts through interactive and experiential activities.
Regina Gavin Williams, North Carolina Central University; Nathaniel Brown, Johns Hopkins University; Diana Charnley, City University of Seattle; Chaiqua A. Harris, Northwestern University; Yangyang Liu, California State University, Fresno; Barbara Parker-Bell, Florida State University; Jonathan Wiley, Tennessee Tech University; Galaxina G. Wright, Nova Southeastern University


(PM) PDI #6 Addressing Co-Occurring Career and Mental Health Concerns: A Cognitive Information Processing Approach
There is substantial evidence of a connection between career development and mental health, which has implications for career development theory, research, and practice. Cognitive Information Processing theory (Sampson, Lenz, et al., 2023; Sampson, Osborn, et al., 2020) accounts for dimensions of career and mental health within the structure of the approach. This PDI will include information on the connection between career development and mental health, a detailed overview of Cognitive Information Processing theory, and an examination of associated interventions. Relevant research and resources such as the recently revised text on the theory will be shared.
Seth Hayden, Wake Forest University

(PM) PDI #7 Envisioning Higher Education Student Affairs Professionals as Career Influencers
Tomorrow's students could live to be 100+ years old. Graduates could hold 25+ jobs across industries. With work, mobility will be emphasized over stability. Students will need support preparing for these workplace shifts; this involves encouragement from multiple stakeholders, or career influencers. This session addresses trends and demographics of future work, and outline how student affairs professionals (e.g., faculty and administrators), can employ strategies to become career influencers.
Candy Ho, University of the Fraser Valley; Michael Stebleton, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

(PM) PDI #8 Reforming How to Counsel Women in Transition: A Step-by-Step Approach to Implementing the Work Like a Mother® Method
An experiential training, reforming counseling practices around the intersection of Motherhood, Careers and Mental Health. A step-by-step reimagination of mother's career development and wellbeing across the lifespan. Using theory-based, soul-searching introspection, and professional mapping, this training details for career educators and mental health professionals how to guide women in reclaiming their authentic voice, confidence, purpose, and professional relevance while overcoming fear and doubt.
Hilary Berger, Work Like a Mother®

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