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Professional Development Institutes are intense 4-hour workshops that are designed to provide participants with in-depth information. Participants registered for a PDI will receive 4 contact hours for their participation. Participants must register for these sessions (additional fees apply). Space is limited - register early!

Complete session offerings listed below:

June 26, 2019: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm

PDI #1  Design Your Private Practice to Support Your Life Goals: Practical Tools, Tips, and Reality Checks
Career professionals who want to start their own private practice have specific reasons, including more flexibility in their schedule, the potential for more income, or the desire to do something different. This workshop will help you design your business to meet your needs with practical, implementable strategies, and real-world advice.
Sabira Vohra, Career Infusion; Ronda Ansted, Be the Change Career Consulting


PDI #2 Discovery: A Barrier Breaking Process for Career Success for People with Disabilities
People with disabilities often need more comprehensive assistance to find the right career where they can utilize their skills, knowledge, talents, and interests. Using an interactive case study, participants will learn how to use the Discovery Process to translate an individual’s unique abilities into empowering employment possibilities.
Lisa Kelley, Arkansas Rehabilitation Services 


PDI #3 Using Chaos Theory of Careers to Empower Clients' Careers
Chaos Theory of Careers addresses the non-linearity and uncertainty of career, freeing clients from outdated modes when making career decisions. In this PDI, we will delve in-depth on the theory, its application to clients’ barriers, and build skills around interventions using a new framework for university and private practice settings.
Lauren Pasquarella Daley, Catalyst; Jon Schlesinger, Hiatt Career Center at Brandeis University


PDI #4 Building Skills for Career Construction Counseling
Career construction counseling provides a means for people across life’s diverse spectrum to use work to actively master what they passively suffer. Integrating theory and practice, this session engages participants in learning and practicing career construction counseling and its core method of the career construction interview to increase their knowledge and skills in its use. Designed for a general audience.
Paul J. Hartung, Northeast Ohio Medical University; Mark L. Savickas, Northeast Ohio Medical University; Susan R. Barclay, University of Central Arkansas; Jamie L Brant, Kent State University; William C. Briddick, South Dakota State University; Evan Faidley, The University of Akron; Jackie Peila-Shuster, Colorado State University; Suzanne Savickas, Avenues of Counseling & Mediation, LLC; Logan Vess, Kent State University


June 26, 2019: 1:30 – 5:30 pm

PDI #5 Career Practice Kickstart: Breakthrough Strategies to Stop Dreaming and Start Getting Clients
Dreaming of building your own career practice but don’t know where to start? From determining your niche to setting up and marketing your business effectively, in this PDI, you’ll learn what simple steps to take, in what order, to reduce your overwhelm, calm your fears, and land your first clients.
Vera Chapman, Vera V. Chapman, LLC 


PDI #6 Group Career Counseling: Principles and Practices
Participants will gain an experiential understanding of this unique intervention by observing an actual group session which illustrates the skills, principles and techniques which set it apart from group counseling and career development groups.  The impact of GCC in enhancing career maturity along with approaches to implementing will be reviewed.
Richard Pyle, Private Practice


PDI #7 Narrative Interventions and Story-listening Skills to Empower Lives - from Education to Workplaces
Channeling practitioners’ existing listening and empathy skillset into a structured narrative framework increases hope and optimism, organizes chaotic thoughts, creates clarity and confidence. Learn an evidence-based narrative method, experience gamified and web-enabled storytelling tools, and practice using story-based interventions right away. Role play, practice, demonstrations, group work will be used.
Mark Franklin, University of Toronto & OneLifeTools; Rich Feller, Colorado State University; Penny Freno, Simon Fraser University 


PDI #8 Coaching Skills and Techniques for Career Counselors: What They are and Why Counselors Should Use Them
This presentation will include a description of a four-stage career coaching process that is designed to empower clients to make 100% of their own career decisions. Five critical coaching roles will be demonstrated and the presenter will explain five key coaching questions that result in client accountability. The similarities and differences between counseling and coaching will be discussed. Attendees will practice the coaching roles and use the key coaching questions.
Richard Knowdell, Career Development Network



You can select PDI's when filling in your Registration (additional fees apply). PDI's fill-up and close-out, so add early! On-site additions may not be possible.

Note, if you have already registered for the conference, please contact NCDA Headquarters (toll-free at 866-367-6232) and ask for Natalie (nscrimsher@ncda.org) to request this addition.


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