NCDA Webinar Series

NCDA presents a number of webinars each year on topics of deep significance to members and those involved in the field of career development. Presenters are leading experts on the topics and often are NCDA members or committees. Webinars provide professional development and an opportunity to earn continuing education (CE).

The next scheduled webinar will be in January 2023. The details and registration will be posted below. Scroll down to see options for viewing pre-recorded webinars.


Pre-Recorded Webinars and the CE Option

Webinars that are previously recorded are available for viewing anytime at no cost, at your convenience. For detailed information about each webinar, click on the title below (listed alphabetically), which links to the recording.

You may also register (for a small fee) to receive 1 CE for viewing a pre-recorded webinar. Click on the blue registration link below to see webinar CE options and fees (with discounts for watching more!). For registration questions, or group rates for 6 or more viewers, contact Alicia Cheek at 918.663.7060 or

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Webinars: Pre-Recorded - Free to View

Some links to the recording require passwords, which are posted next to the link.

All Hands on Deck: Preparing Students for the Future of Work by Building Partnerships with All Stakeholders

Presented by Rebecca Dedmond and Steven Myers

Brain Based Career Development (BBCD): The Neuroscience Coaching Approach That Helps Clients Take Action

Presented by: Imants Jaunarajs, Jodi Pavol, Zach McGrain and Marcquis Parham

Bridging United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with Career & Life Planning

Presented by: The NCDA Global Connections Committee

Career Development Beyond Job Titles: How K-12 is Using Challenges to Prepare Students for an Exciting Future

Presented by JP Michel

Career One Stop - Career Counseling through a Pandemic

Presented by Kelly Tanner

DEI + Career Development: How Are We Incorporating Diversity, Equity and Inclusion into Career Services During COVID-19

Presented by: Members of the NCDA Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Developing Dynamic and Successful Mentor/Mentee Relationships

Presented by Courtney Warnsman

Enhancing Career and College Readiness Self-Efficacy of Children and Adolescents

Presented by: Stanley Baker, Amanda Hudson Allen, Robert Martinez, and Regina Gavin Williams

Ethics in the Pandemic: What to Keep in Mind

Members of the NCDA Ethics Committee

Filling the Career Development Pipeline from a DEI Lens

Presented by Cheryl Love, Ruben Britt, Christian Chan and Lynette Correa-Velez

Fueling the Next Generation: Career Education and the Elementary Classroom

Presented by Madeline Liggett

The Future of Work with Special Guest Dr. Yvonne Thayer

Sharon Given's Presidential Series

Helping Clients Cope with Bias During the Job Search Process

Presented by Lakeisha Mathews

Holistic Support for the Career Transition of International Students Returning Home in the Coronavirus Era and Beyond

Presented by: Members of the International Student Services Committee: Elif Balin, Sonia Liang, Xinrui (Rose) Xu

Integrating Career Development in the Early Grades

Presented by Ed Hidalgo

My Life With a Theory- John L. Holland’s Autobiography: The Premier Resource for Researching and Teaching the Holland Theory

Presented by Jack Rayman with David Ford

Partners or Silos? Reimagining Education & Workforce Development

Presented by: Sarah Burns and Peter Callstrom

Partners Working to Get The Trajectory Right: Career Development From Kinder to Workforce

Presented by: Ed Hidalgo, Saki Dodelson, Peter Callstrom, Ian Martin, and David Miyashiro

Preventing and Transforming Career Burnout into Opportunity in the New Era of COVID-19

Presented by Ronda Ansted and Sheri Mahaney

Self-Care Tips for Career Development Professionals: Managing Stress and Building Resilience

Presented by Sharon Givens

The Threads of Hope-Action Theory and Practice

Presented by: Norman Amundson, Andrea Fruhling, Hyung Joon Yoon, and Spencer Niles

Three Perspectives on Theory-Research-Practice Connections

Presented by: Drs. Seth C.W. Hayden, José F. Domene, Hung-Bin Sheu, Dr. Nancy Arthur

Tried and True or Something New?

Facilitator: Courtney Warnsman; Panelists: Monique C. Johnson, Brandi R. Muñoz, Jim Peacock, and Karol Taylor

US Department of Labor Open & Free Online Resources for Career Advisors

Presented by: US Department of Labor Employment & Training Administration

What’s New on LinkedIn This Year?

Presented by Jeremy Schifeling

Working with Third Party Providers to Support International Students’ Career Development

Presented by: Kendra Northington, Kwan Segal, Elif Balin, Nicole Anderson, and Sonia Liang