National Career
Development Month

NCDA promotes career development through its annual celebration of National Career Development Month. Every November, career development professionals are encouraged to celebrate with career related activities. In particular, NCDA sponsors an annual Poetry and Art Contest.

November 2019 is National Career Development Month.

November 11-15 is National Career Development Week.

November 13 is National Career Development Day.

Enter the 54th Annual Poetry and Art Contest: 

See the NCD Month Contest Brochure for complete details.

Local Deadline:                 December 20, 2019   
Local submissions should be submitted to county, district, or parish by this date. 

State Deadline:                January 20, 2020   
Local winners should be submitted to the state coordinators by this date.

National Deadline:         February 20, 2020   
All state award winners should be sent to Ron Cathey by this date.

If you have questions, please contact Ron Cathey:  318-257-2488 or email NCDA headquarters:

The contest theme: 

"My Inspiring Future Career"

Entries will be judged on how they celebrate and inspire career development with a positive tone while emphasizing the national theme.  Your ideas are valuable and worth celebrating!

Every adult and student enrolled school is eligible, as well as adult practitioners who are not in school. Contest divisions areas include:

  • Primary - grades K-2
  • Intermediate - grades 3-5
  • Middle - grades 6-8
  • Senior - grades 9-12
  • Adult Student - ages 18 and older, enrolled in school
  • Open Adult - ages 18 and older, not enrolled in school

The winning entries for each division will be recognized and displayed on the NCDA website in June 2020, as well as at the annual Global Career Development Conference to be held in each summer. National winners will also receive from the National Career Development Association a special certificate and a congratulatory gift.

See the 2019 NCD Month Contest Brochure
for complete details.

Questions? Contact NCD Month Chair Ron Cathey or email NCDA headquarters:

Click here for the NCD Month State Contacts

Each NCD Month entry must go through a state contest! If your state contact is not listed or your state is not participating in NCD Month, please contact NCDA Headquarters or e-mail the national chair for further instructions.


Congratulations to the Winners of the
53rd Annual Poetry and Art Contest!

"Using Careers to Break Barriers, Empower Lives & Achieve Equity." Click here to see the list of winners.

Art Contest Winning Entries