Jeremiah Wong Chung Chiat

Credentials: CCSP, CCSCC, GCDF, Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, Certified Career Construction Practitioner, Workplace Big Five Certified, Hogan Assessment Certified, Strong Interest Inventory Cert.




Jeremiah Wong is a Capability Development and Career Practitioner in Workforce Singapore. He oversees the capability building and advancement of Career Practitioners' skills and services delivery in WSG. As a practicing Career Practitioner of 11 years, he serves individuals as young as 17 to 71 using eclectic and holistic approach to attend to a variety of modern day needs and challenges that intertwines life-roles, meaning, calling and VUCA-world of work. Jeremiah is also lecturing at the Republic Polytechnic on career counseling and supervises graduating career counselors' practices. He also plays a role in the transformation, design and development of Workforce Singapore Agency's Career Services Transformation, development of a new Career Health measurement for all government-supported employment facilitation services through local and international career practitioner collaboration and project work.

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